Minutes of Meeting held on 18th May 2017

Present. Cllr Jackson, Cllr Wordsworth, Cllr Edge , Cllr Elliott, Cllr Dickinson

Apologies Non

In Attendance J Golze, J Wordsworth




The meeting elected a chair, Cllr Jackson was proposed by Cllr Dickinson seconded by Cllr Elliott and was unanimously appointed as Chair.


The meeting then elected the following positions

Vice Chair, Cllr Elliott was proposed by Cllr Jackson seconded by Cllr Wordsworth and was unanimously appointed as Vice Chair.

RFO, Cllr Wordsworth was proposed by Cllr Elliott , seconded by Cllr Jackson and was unanimously elected as RFO.





There were no declarations made at the meeting.



No issues raised



The minutes of meeting on the 16th March were proposed by Cllr Jackson and seconded by Cllr Elliott and approved unanimously and the Chair authorised to sign the minutes.



No matters arisng that were not covered elsewhere in the minutes


4.5.17 FINANCE The meeting discussed the Annual Return for the year ending 31 March 2017, Cllr Wordsworth presented Annual Governance statement, the meeting unanimously approved the statement as proposed by Cllr Jackson, seconded by Cllr Elliott and authorised the Chair and Clerk to sign the statement. meeting then discussed the Accounting Statement again Cllr Wordsworth presented the numbers and the explanations of variances from previous year, the meeting unanimously approved the statement as proposed by Cllr Jackson , seconded by Cllr Elliott and authorised the RFO and Chair to sign the statement. The following payments were approved unanimously for payment

HVHMC Room Hire £ 18.00 Prop CJ Sec GW



5.5.17 AOB Cllr Wordsworth raised a request by a villager to have a bench sited in the area around the War Memorial in memory of Mr & Mrs Mertons, the meeting discussed the matter and agreed that they would allow one to be sited there. The meeting discussed concerns raised by villagers with young children in the village who were to use the School Bus to get to Ridgewood School shortly about the danger in having to cross the very busy A635. The meeting agreed that they would support the parents in their efforts to get a zebra crossing at least . The meeting was informed that the Golf Club were unhappy with villagers, one imparticular, who were walking their dogs on the course and allowing them to foul without removing such and if this does not stop they will take action to stop people accessing the

course. The meeting agreed to support the Club in whatever action they deemed appropriate, issue to be raised in next issue of Hickletone.




Next meeting to be held on 20th July 2017 in the Village Hall at 8.15pm.